Note: It is assumed that users of the Pattern Library have basic to intermediate level familiarity with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). While it is possible for users with relatively modest HTML skills to build out web pages using the Pattern Library, if you find following any of these examples difficult, brush up on your HTML/CSS skills using one of the excellent resources available in the Additional Resources callout box.

Note:The Pattern Library is currently undergoing Beta testing. The current version is Beta 2.0, released 08/31/2012. Check back often for updated CSS and sample content.

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The Fireman’s Fund Pattern Library is a design and development resource for internal and external partners tasked with building out Fireman’s Fund web applications. Pattern libraries recognize a fundamental truth in application development: namely that the types of design or coding challenges designers face when creating web pages are fairly limited, and fall into repeatable design patterns. Pattern libraries attempt to capture and document best practices in design that have been validated by very smart designers who have gone before us.

An equally important goal of the Pattern Library is helping web designers and developers to build out easily maintainable web pages that conform with the Allianz Application Design guidelines. Standards are important in establishing the creditability and trustworthiness of a web site. The more consistent our Fireman’s Fund applications are in visual appearance and design interactions, the more favorably received they are by our agent users, and ultimately the more usable the underlying applications become.

To start using the site, read the Getting Started and Patterns Overview topics, and download the Starter Kit to start building a variety of different page types.